Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upcycling pallets

We used to think that wooden pallets were just for the construction-type-of guy; you know, that guy in your life with the tool belt who is always getting his hands dirty by ripping one thing apart or fixing the next thing with a hammer and nails.

Well.  We were wrong.  Sure, those pallet guys are our customers.

But we have seen what you all can do to take a pallet and

Who wouldn't want to to pick their potatoes and onions out of this?


Can't you see this artsy wall in your home?

And finally, we are just in love with this outdoor space  - of course, this is just for you over-achievers out there!

What have you done with your old pallets?


(Need a few pallets?  Contact us: 617-389-8093 and ask for Jim or Nancy)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We buy wooden pallets for cash

Friends on the east coast: to prevent water damage to things stored in your cellars, remember to move things a few inches off the floor. Wooden pallets work well; or use cinder blocks or plastic milk crates. Stay safe, everyone!

Did you know? We buy back pallets and will pay you for them! We accept WOODEN PALLETS (48 x 40) (36 x 36) (48 x 48) and we also accept PLASTIC PALLETS (sizes vary). Just bring them to our Everett, MA location (directions here: Call to talk to Jim or Nancy 617 389-8093