Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Buy Used Pallets

Do you have unwanted wooden pallets?

Whether you have 50 or 5,000, Ruma's will take them off your hands and put money in your pocket.

Bring the pallets to our conveniently located facility adjacent to the New England Produce Center or contact us to arrange a pick up for larger quantities.

We buy 48x40 four-way, 36x36 two-way and 48x48 two- and four-way.

Call or e-mail today to find out how we can help you!

Call Jim at 617-389-8093 or 800-589-7862 or e-mail Jim at pallets@rumas.com

We are located 2 miles north of Boston at 
210 Beacham Street
Everett, MA 02149

Hours of operation 
Monday through Friday: 7 AM to 3:30 PM
Saturday: 7 to 11 AM.

#1 Pallets vs. #2 Pallets

We at Ruma's want your pallets!

We are looking for all sizes of pallets, including:
  • 36 x 36 
  • 48 x 48 
  • 48 x 40
  •  wooden pallets
 Ruma's can also haul away your wooden pallets!  Send us an email or call us directly 800-252-8282 and be sure to have this information ready:

  • contact name, phone and email
  • address of pallets to be picked up
  • # of pallets to be picked up
  • Do you have a loading dock?
  • Do you have a forklift?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pallet upcycle: DIY Pallet Desk

I sit at my desk a lot.  A lot a lot.   You can find me there to
  • work
  • work
  • work
  • pay bills
  • research ways to save money
  • work 
  • work 
  • work

But if I had to sit at this beauty of a desk, I think I might be juuuuuust a tad happier paying bills and working!  Wouldn't you?! We are digging the rustic feeling of this upcycled pallet desk

Here are the complete instructions

It seems fairly straight forward, but of course that depends on your experience.

What are you doing with your upcycled pallets?  Send us photos! We love to see them!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Myths about Wooden Pallets (subtitled: We Love Trees!)

Who'da thunk that the pallet industry could be so controversial? (And here we thought of ourselves as stewards of the Earth, recyclers and re-purpose-rs of wooden pallets - hardly controversial figures!)

Apparently myths abound about the sustainability of the wooden pallet industry.  We've done our research, and we are happy to report that we can keep whistling-while-we-work, knowing that we are making progress to help our earth.

We've uncovered a great site that helps dispel the many myths about the wooden pallet industry

  • At Ruma's warehouse, we take care to use each piece of wood (for repair, for reinforcement, for upgrades to a current pallet, etc)
  • Ruma's also pays cash for old, broken, wooden pallets (to be dismantled, or to be used as mentioned above, as reinforcements)
  • Any scrap wood that we can't use, we often donate or sell as fire wood! We don't like to fill a dumpster with wood - that's for sure!
 Give us a call for your pallet needs (see info to the right)

You can trust that Ruma's team works for you - and for the Earth!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to dismantle a pallet...

We found this video called "How to dismantle a pallet" very helpful.

Although there is no narration, we found that simply watching this made sense.  No words needed!

Video: How to Dismantle a Pallet

Monday, May 13, 2013

Do you need wooden pallets delivered?

Need 10 pallets?
Need 100 pallets?
Need 500 pallets?

Ruma's is your #1 source for wooden pallet delivery.

Need it now? We can manage that.
Needed it yesterday.  We've got you covered.

You take care of your business.  We will take care of your pallets.

Contact Jim Ruma today:

Call Customer Service: (617) 389-8093

Call Toll Free: (888) 589-7862

Fax Customer Service: (617) 387-7894

Email: pallets@rumas.com

Thursday, May 9, 2013

We deliver pallets to you!

Do you need pallets delivered? Ruma's can deliver pallets to you - this saves you time and money, so you can focus on your business!

Email us this information to pallets@rumas.com
  •  contact name
  •  contact phone
  •  contact address
  • # pallets needed
  • what type of pallets do you need? (36 x 36, 48 x 48, etc)
  • date needed 
  • Do you need the pallets on a regular basis? Or just this one time?
Call Customer Service: (617) 389-8093

Call Toll Free: (888) 589-7862

Fax Customer Service: (617) 387-7894

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thinking of pallets? Think of Ruma's!

Ruma's is the only place for Boston-area companies

Ruma's supplies wooden pallets of all sizes:

  • 48 x 40
  • 48 x 48
  • 36 x 36
Ruma's also has plastic pallets that can be used for exporting goods.

We buy and we sell wooden pallets year round.

If you need custom wooden pallets, Ruma's is your place!

Contacts us:  Ask for Jim

Call Customer Service: (617) 389-8093

Call Toll Free: (888) 589-7862

Fax Customer Service: (617) 387-7894

Email: pallets@rumas.com

Be sure to have this information ready:
  • How many pallets do you need?
  • What spec pallets do you need?
  • On what date do you need them?
  • How often will you need pallets (weekly, monthly, sporadically, etc)
  • Do you need pallets delivered?  Will you pick them up in Everett, MA? (near the New England Produce Center)
  • Your contact information (name, email, phone, company name and address)

We are happy to serve the greater Boston area for all pallet needs!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to make money with pallets

Your goal: make some extra money 

Your plan:
  1. find old, used and discarded wooden pallets
  2. Bring them to Ruma's (210 Beacham St, Everett MA 02149)
  3. We pay you cash for each pallet you bring
  4. You put money in the bank
How easy is that?!

Contact us:
Call Customer Service: (617) 389-8093

Call Toll Free: (888) 589-7862

Email: pallets@rumas.com

Directions to Ruma's (scroll to bottom of page)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring is here - show off your plants in a single wooden pallet!

We know that pallets are for shipping goods, but since spring is - finally! - here, we can't help but share this great use of a single wooden pallet:

Try displaying your potted plants on a single wooden pallet!

We spied this burst of spring on this blog by Kelly Moore (which we will definitely be revisiting!)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ruma's Pallet World: recycle, refurbish, buy and sell pallets

Ruma's operates a huge warehouse in the Everett area of Boston.  We do it all:
  • recycle wooden pallets
  • take your scrap pallets and pay cash for them
  • refurbish wooden pallets
  • make custom pallets
  • sell single pallets
  • sell pallets by the trailer-load
We deal with
  • air freight pallets
  • wooden pallets,
  • custom spec pallets
  • heat treated pallets
  • insect resistant pallets

If you have pallets to get rid of, contact us!

If you need pallets, contact us!

Contact us:

Call Customer Service: (617) 389-8093

Call Toll Free: (888) 589-7862

Fax Customer Service: (617) 387-7894

Email: pallets@rumas.com

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring cleaning? Got pallets? We'll take them!

Yes, all of us are motivated by the fresh spring air!  Have you started cleaning out the warehouse or the store room?

Got a lot of wooden pallets that are taking up space?  We can pick those up  - for a small fee!

Would you rather bring the pallets to us here in Everett, MA? That works for us, too!

Either way, we pay cash for those pallets!

Contact Jim or Mark to set up pick-up/deliver times

Call Customer Service: (617) 389-8093

Call Toll Free: (888) 589-7862

Fax Customer Service: (617) 387-7894

Email: pallets@rumas.com