Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kermit the Frog Was Slightly Mistaken...

... Sometimes it IS easy "being green." Far be it from us to question the wisdom of the frog, but we make it pretty simple to REDUCE waste by RECYCLING your used pallets for the REUSE of others!

We pay for used pallets and can make the best deals in New England when it comes to pallet sales for your business.

Read through our blog or send e-mail to us to talk about your buying and/or selling needs!

Do you need pallets delivered?

Email us this information:
  • contact name 
  • contact phone 
  • contact address 
  • # pallets needed 
  • date needed 
  • needed regularly or one time? 
  • payment info? (yes?) 

Do you need pallets picked up (pallet removal)?

Email us this information:

  • what size pallets? · wooden (not plastic)? 
  • how many? 
  • location? 
  • do you have a loading dock? 
  • contact name 
  • contact phone 
  • contact email

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